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Axiom Addicts provided sound tracks for Birdshot Mountain (a vice presidential parody that appeared on Arianna Huffington's blog, right) and Caveman Robot, a multimedia musical comic strip with music by Debby Schwartz. Axiom Addicts also appeared in Debby's soundtrack for Chris Harcum's play American Badass, performed in the 2008 Frigid Festival in New York.


Listen to “Cryin'”

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'Birdshot Mountain' a Hilarious spoof on the Treacherous '00s Era

'Birdshot Mountain' - High Falutin
Guns a-'shootin' every whichway as a
couple of young punks seek out
enlightenment on a political landscape.


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Birdshot Mountain When things are gettin easy

'Birdshot Mountain' - The fatal
'Bottle' scene...

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